atx series book #1

The 6 Step Plan - Signed Copy $14.99


Evan is Violet's best friend and decade-long crush, but she's kept it well under control...mostly. At least that’s what she tells herself when her feelings threaten to overwhelm her. Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, she is determined to suffer both her illness and her attraction in silence. But lately it's gotten harder to keep those feelings at bay, and she’s beginning to worry she may be careening toward disaster.

Violet is Evan's best friend, and there's definitely nothing romantic between them. Until a green dress, a rogue insect, and an annoyingly muscled English teacher throw his world into a tailspin. Now he needs a plan to woo his best friend...without destroying their entire relationship in the process.

He needs to fix everything; she wants not to be a burden. Their friendship could blossom into a love of a lifetime if they can just get past their fear.

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reader reviews

“As someone who suffers with a chronic illness myself I’ve never read a book I could relate to this much!

I seriously could not put this book down. The banter was great. And when the spice hit it hit! Evan and Violet’s story was just too sweet and swoon-worthy!"

- Megan

“A story that covers the bases. Representation, sweet caregiving, and delicious spice.

For all the chronic illness girlies…this one was written just for you! I absolutely adored the love story between Violet and Evan. This one will definitely make your heart soar."

- emylee

“This couple had one of the best friendships I’ve ever read.

The way this man loved and cared for Violet. Swoon. I melted at everything he did. The spice was perfect. And the bathtub scene was chefs kiss."

- candace

“Characters like Violet illustrate the universal truth that chronic illness can and will present challenges, but it will not keep you from the life and love you deserve.

And we deserve an adoring and thoughtful Evan, each and every one of us!"

- amanda

“I read this book cover to cover in one sitting.

I was immediately drawn in by these two people and their story. I felt like I knew Violet and Evan and I couldn’t help rooting for them. Honestly, I’ve never been as depressed as when I finished this book - I missed my friends!"

- carrie